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Message from the President

August 26, 2019

Welcome to the start of our third year as one Association. We continue to look for new ideas and ways

to make the bowling experience fun, fair and flexible. Since we merged, we have achieved a seven to

ten day turn around in the delivery of awards. We had a slight increase in our membership last season.

This year will be the first year that our youth will be included in an awards program. We are considering

more scholarships than the two we already give out because of the quality of youth bowlers and

students applications being submitted.


Our tournaments continue to increase in bowlers and our applications are now publishing the lane

condition applied to be fair to all participants. For our senior tournament this last year was the first

time we used divisions by age and average for our Tournament, making it fairer for all mature

bowlers to participate.


Our fundraisers continue to offer Football Sweepstakes, Bunco parties, candy sales and ways and means

to fund our scholarship program and youth awards. Our Ways and Means table continue to provide

new merchandise suggested by bowlers and board members.


At our national convention, board members attended seminars on leadership, association development

and improving service. We explored new awards and ideas on how to get more people bowling. We

were also made aware of new rules that will affect the number of holes that will be allowed in a bowlers

bowling ball starting next season August 1 st , 2020 and presently the use of only a towel no cleaners or

alcohol during sanctioned bowling or tournament play. We were also made aware of the new rule that

people who have a controlling influence on youth bowlers must have a Register Volunteer Program

background check and take the Safe Sport course online if coaching or in charge of youth programs.

The age to be considered a youth was dropped to under 18. Please make sure you are familiar with the

rules governing youth bowlers and anyone under 18 years of age wanting to bowl on an adult league.


Space Coast Bowling Association joined the Central Regional Chamber of Commerce, Melbourne, to learn more

about community involvement, educate local businesses on the sport of bowling and achieve better

participation from our local businesses when it comes to sponsorships and getting new bowlers into our



We continue to accept new volunteers that bring fresh ideas for a better future. Thank you for your continued support and have a great season.




Angelo P. Cianfrocco

President, SCBA

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