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December 28, 2017


Hello everyone,


First let me tell you that we have had a wonderful and exciting season so far. We have had several very high scores and our Open Tournament was a huge success considering it was our first one as a merged association. We know that there is need of a little tweaking and we will see to those at the next tournament. I want to thank everyone who participated in our tournament and a special THANK YOU to all our volunteers who came out to help us make it the success that is was.

The following are our Open Tournament Winners:



1st Place (2937) NY Rollers: Steve Vargas; Victor Vargas; Luis Medina; & Jeff Miller

2nd Place (2875) NO Such Luck: Sharon Depuy; Diane Vess; Linda Elliott; & Charles Depuy

3rd Place (2870) Clark’s Crew: Alexander Clark; Christopher West; Robert Burns; & Steve Clark

4th Place (2854) Kory’s Crew: Joseph Miles; Wayne Ceponis; Brandon Chase; & Kory Stafford

5th Place (2829) Just Enough: Jennifer Elbert; Dean Brakel; Robert Wagner; & Chester Barry



1st Place (1551) Diana Chiarillo & Paul Chiarillo

2nd Place (1529) Dylan Byars & Michael Bauer

3rd Place (1490) Jennifer Klock & Doug Klock

4th Place (1486) Shirley Mattley & Cheryl Wallace

5th Place (1483) Melanie Byars & Dylan Byars

6th Place (1476) Valerie Greer & Randy Greer

7th Place (1463) Kris Costa & Randy Richards

8th Place (1458) Paul Marconi & Jared Bowers

9th Place (1456) Charles Lyons & Tony Perez



1st Place: (1642) Robert Burns

2nd Place: (1523) Jared Bowers

3rd Place: (1484) Danielle Merker

4th Place: (1474) Douglas Klock

5th Place: (1472) Charles Lyons

6th Place: (1467) Randy Greer

7th Place: (1467) Don Bartley

8th Place: (1465) Diana Chiarillo

9th Place: (1464) Tony Perez

10th Place: (1464) Luis Medina


Congratulations to all of our winners and we hope to see them at our next event!

As most of you know we have implemented a new awards program and we have had some very high scores shot so far. We have had nineteen (19) 300 games; two (2) of which were from our Youth bowlers. We had seven (7) 800 series bowled, seven (7) Clean Series, one (1) All Spare Game, two (2) Triplicates & eleven (11) 11-in-a-row Awards. Now that is very impressive for our first season as a merged association. Congratulations to all those bowlers for their wonderful achievements. Keep up the great scoring!

We hope those of you who have had the opportunity to participate in the first event will use your recruitment skills in getting some more of your friends to join us on our next event. Please look on our Facebook page ( you can reach with the link from FSCBA) and our Website ( to keep that information at your fingertips.


We are always looking for volunteers to help us out at those events so if you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us at our email address.


It is our sincere wish that you all have a very safe and Happy New Year and fun during the remaining season.


See you on the Lanes!

Charlotte Mateo

Space Coast USBCBA Association Manager

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